Why Roof Fascia and Soffits are Important

Roof fascia plays a significant part in your roofing system. Without them, Greenville, SC, homes would soon see damages. It’s also a section that homeowners forget to maintain. Keep your fascia working better with Southern Star Roofing contractors today.

What’s Roof Fascia?

Roof fascia is the finished cap at the end of your roof. It’s like a smooth, even beam that is painted. Fascia board connects to the home through its attached soffits underneath. Together, they experience proper water runoffs, preventing moisture problems.

How Important is Roof Fascia?

Without fascia, your home would have water intrusion. Not only that, but they support your rain gutters as well. Missing fascia will quickly damage the property with pests and mold. It’s best to tackle these issues as soon as you see them.

Possible Wood Rot

As lumber components, many homeowners see their fascia rot eventually. Often, it follows heavy rain as it absorbs too much moisture. It could be from clogged soffits or weather damage as well. When in doubt, you should bring on our experts.

Hire us to repair or install your new fascia. Choose Southern Star Roofing now.