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Southern Star Roofing is a full-service residential roofing company located in Asheville, NC. Our team of roofing pros is committed to delivering outstanding results and customer service. We provide high-quality craftsmanship, affordable roofing services, and industry-leading roofing systems for homeowners in the greater Asheville region. 

If your house or commercial property is dealing with roof issues such as an old, leaky, damaged roof or broken shingles, get in touch with our Asheville Roofers. We specialize in roof installation, roof repair, full roof replacement, and roof inspections. Southern Star Roofing covers all of Asheville and the surrounding areas. When looking for a roofing contractor near Asheville, NC, for your next roofing project, call your local roofing experts – Southern Star Roofing.

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Roof Replacements & Roof Repairs in Asheville NC

Your preferred Asheville Roofing Company is Southern Star Roofing. We provide Affordable Roofing Services to the local Asheville community. We offer roof replacement, roof repair, and gutter services, including gutter installation and gutter repair. Call or message us to request more information regarding your commercial roofing or residential roofing construction project.

Southern Star Roofing Owner, Brandon Johnson, Inspecting A Roof In Asheville, North Carolina

Owner, Brandon Johnson, inspecting a roof.

We are licensed & Insured. Residential Roofing Services is our specialty. Call us for a free roof inspection and estimate. If you need a full roof, we will upgrade to architectural shingles at no additional cost! We will also clean your gutters for free. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We want to “Wow” you with our quality services.

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Residential Roofing Services:
FREE Inspections
Timely Roof Installations
Affordable Roof Repairs
Full Roof Replacement

Your preferred Asheville roofing company has Financing Options Available!!! We are a full-service residential roofer that is committed to delivering outstanding results to our customers. Our roofing specialists are local to the Asheville area, are highly trained, ShingleMaster Certified by CertainTeed, and have replaced thousands of residential roofs all over Asheville, Concord, Charlotte, and the surrounding regions. We proudly offer a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee with all of our roofing services! We work with the majority of insurance companies and provide affordable and flexible financing options. Let us guide you through the process step-by-step and handle all of the hard work to make sure your home gets all the attention it needs!

Call us today at 828-844-ROOF to schedule your FREE roof inspection and assessment.

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Gutter Services:
Gutter Installation
Gutter Repair
Gutter Protection
Affordable Financing Options Available!


Learn Why More People In Asheville, And The Surrounding Areas, Are Choosing Southern Star Roofing Over Other Roofing Companies as Their Asheville Roofing Company.


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We, at Southern Star Roofing, are proud to specialize in residential roofing applications to serve the amazing residents of the greater Asheville area. Our goal is to make your home the envy of your neighbors, with a beautiful, well-crafted, high-quality roof installation. Not only will we add amazing curb appeal to your home, but we will also help to increase its resale value!

If you are considering a full roof replacement, know that at Southern Star Roofing, you have found the very best roofing contractors in Asheville! Our commitment is to serve you at the highest level, educate you in our process and provide you with clear communication regarding expectations as to what the installation will look like. We are confident in our detailed approach to always clearly communicating with you to ensure you are comfortable with how our employees will work and complete your roof installation project. Whether you have a small home or a large home, we are capable of providing high-quality roofing services that meet your specific needs.

Being a trusted roofing company requires more than just buying a hammer, saw, drill, screwdriver, nails, tar, wood, and tile. It requires a commitment to being the best we can be. To that end, our roofing teams are industry-leading roofing experts, who are well-versed in the latest roofing techniques, trends, and strategies being developed. We invest time and resources in maintaining our industry education, so we are always on the cutting edge of providing only the best residential roofing services in North Carolina. 

We have decades of roofing experience and work hard to provide you with a completed roofing installation on time and on budget. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations and provide you with a roof that protects you and your family for many years. Have questions? Are you interested in getting a FREE roofing estimate schedule? Call your local Asheville roofing contractors at Southern Star Roofing. We are excited to earn your trust and business.

We Are A Locally-Owned & Operated Full-Service Roofing Company Serving the Greater Asheville Area!

Our roofing specialists use industry leading products to provide our customers with quality and durability.


How Do I Get My Insurance Company To Pay For A Roof Replacement?

Step 1: Make sure you fully understand your insurance policy and the various coverage in it.  Always read the fine print BEFORE you have an issue.  Maybe even contact your insurance agent and ask questions about how this might work.
Step 2: Work with your Home Insurance Company and provide all the details you can share.  Your chances of getting the claim completed in 30-45 days go up exponentially the more on top of this you are. 
Step 3: After you receive your Payout from the insurance company, contact Southern Star Roofing!

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What Is the Best Material for A Roof Installation

Asphalt shingles are the best material when considering the benefits of new roofing from a cost-to-quality perspective. The asphalt shingle is a roofing industry staple across the United States for many reasons.

Shingles are very light, less expensive than metal roofing, can be installed relatively easily, and usually have great manufacturer warranties. They come in sheets and can be installed in a layered approach, making them look like cedar or slate when installed correctly. 

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What Are The Signs That I Should Replace My Roof?


These are the top warning signs to be aware of that will let you know when your roof is ready for replacement:

1. If you see a leak or staining in your attic or on your ceilings 
2. Check to see if your roofing shingles are curling or buckling. 
3. If you see roof valleys (high and low spots), then your sheathing underneath is not providing enough foundational support and you run the risk of leaks or damage forming with your shingles. 
4. Missing shingles are a clear sign that the entire roof could need to be replaced. 
5. Finding shingle granules in your gutters

Safety should always be your highest priority. We suggest calling us to get your free roof inspection and assessment.

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How Long Does It Take To Install a Roof?

Once you have selected your roofing and gutter materials and we have agreed on a start date, typically, you can expect a roof installation to be completed on a 1,000-2,000 square foot home in one to three days.  If you have a larger home over 3,000 square feet, it might take three to five days. When we come out for your roof inspection to give you a quote, we can give you a more accurate timeline to complete your job based on the style and design of your roof and structure. Whether you have a Ridge Roof, Hip Roof, Gable Roof, or flat roof, our crew will complete your project in a timely manner. 

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