How to Calculate the Cost of a New Roof


Before you hire a Charlotte, NC contractor, you need to know your price range. How to calculate the cost of a new roof can feel challenging. While it can be tricky, it doesn’t need to feel impossible to estimate your construction price. Learn how to estimate like a pro with Southern Star Roofing and our tips below.

Is the Roof New?

Is this a brand-new roof, a reroof, or a tear-down and rebuild project? Every type of job has its considerations and will be priced accordingly. One of the highest costs for your project is the materials needed. Some roofs will be cheaper than others, while some last lifetimes.

Roof Dimensions

Obviously, larger roofs will require more time, labor, and materials. Its slope and number of layers also play a role. Simple roofs made of asphalt will cost less than other types. How they are built matters also.

What is My Ballpark Cost?

A typical one-story asphalt roof costs around $7,000, with premium materials you could be doubling that. However, cheaper pricing doesn’t always mean a bargain.

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