Your Roof And Skylights – Pros And Cons


The warm sparkling light coming from ceiling skylights is very appealing both for kids and adults. If you are thinking about having a skylight added to your residential house or maybe a commercial space, or you are researching and trying to figure out the housing market and considering purchasing a home that has a skylight, the following are some of the pros and cons that you should consider ahead of time so you could come up with a wise decision for your future purchases.

Sunny Side from Skylight

Mister Sun is what these skylights are for! When you have a skylight it lets more light come into a room, and as a result, it makes the room and space feel brighter and warmer. That might be especially appealing in rooms that do not have outside wall access or not a lot of window space to allow some natural light to come in. That is a big and important benefit that skylights offer – they are able to brighten up rooms that would otherwise be dull and dark.

It can be a downside as well. It is nice to have extra light, but because it is not an option to have coverings or curtains over a skylight, it sometimes can result in there being too much light, and you cannot really contain an excessive amount of light when you want to.

Warm Up The Room

A skylight will also allow extra heat along with light into the room, and that can be very helpful in a room that is naturally cooler or when you are attempting to make it feel warmer when living in a cool climate. For people who live in a hotter climate, that can also result in excessive heat gain, and that can cause energy efficiency issues with the cooling system in your house.

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