Roof Remodeling Ideas Recommended by your Charlotte Roofing Company

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Just like mainstream fashion, roofing trends are constantly shifting tides albeit much more slowly. Roofing trends tend to gravitate towards a direction that not only considers aesthetics but also better performance, greener material and stronger foundation. Here are some of our favorite roof remodeling ideas and reasons why you should consider them for yourself, from a roofing company.

Synthetic underlayment for longevity

Many people are unaware that underneath the layer of shingles, there’s an even stronger layer of material that keeps the roof in shape and prevents it from bending under raging storms. This underlayment has been ignored for years and for a long time the only kind that was available for most homes was the felt underlayment.

Now, however, synthetic underlayment such as that made with polyurethane is breaking records in the roofing market – and for good reason. This type of underlayment has better strength and durability as well as improved resistance against moisture. Hence, polyurethane alternatives can prove to increase the lifespan of your roof by several years.

Roofing Company: Investing in cool roof shingles for lower utility bills

Cool roof shingles have been the talk of the town here in the Charlotte area lately. These excellent shingles are developed by many roofing brands now and they deliver not only greener, healthier function but also helps to insulate your home even better. This means you might notice a drop in your electricity bills.  If you need help making a proper selection and looking for a professional Charlotte roofer, give us a call!

Adhesives to combat raging winds

A storm can take the life out of your roof and it’s important to take pre-storm steps to improve the durability and overall strength of your roof. Invest in strong adhesives and shingles like Dura Grip and ArmorShield by Timberline before the rainy season begins. These strong adhesives and shingles will be able to withstand strong winds even at 150 mph. This means you won’t have to worry about the post-storm roof repairs.

Architectural 3D asphalt shingles from a roofing company for the beauty impact

Contemporary also means more gorgeous. Make your roof better looking with architectural 3D asphalt shingles that mimic the luxury effect cedar shakes have but at a much more economical price. These shingles come in different colors and their textured looks make them truly unique.

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