Will Installing Solar Panels Harm My Roof?

Installing solar panels is great for both the environment and your utility bill. However, homeowners in Greenville, SC, still have concerns. Many ask if installing solar panels will harm their roof. Below is what Southern Star Roofing has to say on the topic.

Installing Solar Panels Can Harm Roofs

The average dimensions for solar panels are 5.4′ x 3.2′, and they weigh 40 pounds. Older roofs may not support the added stress from your array. Newer roofs should have easier installations with fewer risks. Or you may find it possible to have them in your yard instead.

Higher Temperatures

Solar panels attract light to boost their maximum energy output. That also means more heat for your roof. Signs of heat damage include curled or peeling shingles and wood rot. You may need additional exhaust vents installed as well.

Faulty Installation Leaks

Installing solar panels involves drilling into the roof, so leaks are possible. However, a good installer won’t have this issue, but poor-quality ones will. It’s best to have your roof inspected before or after your solar installation.

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