Why tile roofing installation is something worth considering

While tile roofing installation is more expensive than shingles, it may be worth it. Here in Greenville, SC, the added durability has plenty of benefits. When you’re ready to upgrade your home, choose our roofers. Southern Star Roofing is your trusted name in roofing services.

Fewer Invasive Pest Concerns

Clay tiles aren’t the first choice for hungry house pests. Unlike shingles, there isn’t much that will rot from moisture. Once in place, they require little upkeep, even after storms. They’re also less likely to have leaks.

Long-Lasting Roof Materials

Asphalt products usually last around 20 years, but often less. Tiles on the other hand can reach 100 years of use or more. Concrete tiles may even outlive the homeowner, making them a great option. Whatever is best for your home, contact us for installations.

Home Utility Savings

Dark asphalt shingles baking in the sun only heat up your home. However, clay tiles are made for hot environments, keeping your home cooler. It helps regulate your property’s temperature, so you can run the HVAC less often. Find out why Southern Star Roofing feels so passionately about them and call us today.

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