Why Roof Warranties Matter

why roofing warranties matter

If you’ve ever gotten a roofing job done at your home, you know exactly how heavy it can be on your wallet. Roofing project is no small business. We’re talking about hours of work and effort with skill to top it all. Naturally the cost of any roofing job escalates. That’s where roof warranties come in. If your roof doesn’t come with an appropriate amount of warranty, you could be looking at thousands of dollars spent on repairs. If you thought your insurance will help you out of it, think again. Insurance will only do you good when an actual calamity has fallen upon your roof. If there are defects in the actual installation process of the roof, there’s only so much that your insurance company can do.

That’s why we can’t stress enough how essential roof warranties are. Here in this article, you can learn all you need to know about roof warranties.

Not every roofing material will arrive with a warranty

An extended warranty on the roofing materials that are used on the roof is what matters the most. Ideally you want to search for warranties that offer a couple of years of coverage. Five years isn’t the extended warranty you want to look for when it comes to roof. The standard asphalt roof can last for over two decades so a 5-year warranty just won’t cut it. Your roofing warranty should be double the age of your roof so that you’re adequately covered when it comes to roofing defects and repairs.

What exactly does the warranty do for me?

It’s important to know the things roofing warranty will cover. Not everything that happened to your roof will be covered by this warranty. A defect in the roofing material is one of the top most thing that is covered by roofing warranty. Warranty on your roofing material is the single most important thing you should be highly vigilant about. Roofing material warranty will cover all kinds of material defects including wear and tear as well as installation problems.

What does good coverage mean?

A good warranty should ensure that your roof stays in its top shape for an extended period of time. That means that it should be strong enough to tolerate the wrath of the weather and it should be efficient enough to provide you comfort in your home. Good warranty policy will cover material defects as well as wear and tear to the materials.

An extended period of warranty also makes for good coverage. 25 years is standard and common but an excellent warranty period would be 50 years or more.

Good warranty coverage also protects homeowners against poor roof installation and negligence done by the team of roofers. These warranties will cover repair costs that might be needed because of faulty or below par roof installation.

Hire someone you can trust!

Warranties aside, proper roofing installation can actually never require you to use your roofing warranty in the first place. That’s why you should always work with a roofer with an excellent reputation.  Southern Star Roofing operates in Charlotte and provides superior roofing installation services. Get in touch with our team today!

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