Why Proper Roof Ventilation is So Important

Why Proper Roof Ventilation is So ImportantHave you ever wondered why roof ventilation is so important? The simplest answer is that ventilation will let some heat out of your attic, but there is more to it than that. Effective ventilation systems can reduce the heat retained during the summer, and reduce the moisture retained during the winter, keeping your attic space safe and comfortable, and helping your heating and cooling systems run more efficiently. They can help to make your roofing last longer before needing to be replaced too.

The keyword here is “system”. The roof vents act as an exhaust and let the air out of the attic, but that air will need to be replaced with cooler air, which needs to be pulled in through intake vents. The coolest air in your property will most likely be under your overhangs because those areas are always shaded. That’s why it’s a good idea to put intake ventilation in the soffit. Vented vinyl or aluminum soffits offer an easy way of allowing cooler air into the attic, replacing the hot air that exits through your roof.

In general, you should aim to have the same amount of air being taken in as you have going out through the exhaust vents. One sq ft of venting for 150sq ft of attic is a good starting point with a 50/50 split between intake and exhaust.

If you follow these guidelines then you will be able to extend the life of your roof, and you should also save a lot of money. Some indications that you are not getting adequate ventilation would be if any of these issues occur:

– The attic gets very hot in the summer

– You notice mold growing

– There is frost forming inside the attic

– Water drips from the tips of any nails (not other parts of the root which might indicate a leak)

If you notice these problems or anything else that you are struggling to diagnose, call us to have your roof evaluated by our experts. At Southern Star Roofing we have qualified teams of roofers who can advise you on the cause and fixes for any problems you are having.

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