Why is Charlotte, NC shingle repair so important?

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One or two damaged shingles are not essential, are they?

Shingle repair is far more important than many homeowners grasp. Shingles are the foundation of any roof, and once they bear damage, it has systematically put your whole roof at risk.

It doesn’t matter what kind of shingles you have on your roof; at the end of the day, they are all susceptible to weather or aging. Damaged shingles present themselves in numerous ways. They can crack, break, become loose, or go missing. Read on for more about this topic of shingle repair.

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What occurs after shingles are damaged isn’t nice. When shingles lose their structural integrity, they become fragmented. Sometimes there are remains of fragments of shingles in gutters. Sometimes the entire shingles are missing.

Leaks being the most critical and lethal result of shingle damage. Generally, shingles are nailed to the roof in layers. Even when a shingle disappears, rainwater can seep into the deck and penetrate the surrounding roof structure. You soon notice the signs of roof leaks with the growth of fungi and mold.

Using a Charlotte, NC roof installer to check for shingle damage

Before you know you need shingle repair to any extent, you do need evaluation and inspection. Assessment of any roof damage is the first step and will require expert assistance from a local roofing firm to carry out this task.

Your ideal solution is a professional roof inspection. If the roof inspector tells you that your shingles need to be replaced, you’ll need to hire a qualified Charlotte, NC company, to carry out the task. Do your homework and choose wisely who you want as your roofing company, your best option will be as you can see below.

Using the best roofing companies for shingle repair in Charlotte, NC

When looking for Charlotte’s best roofing and construction company, you will soon find you have the best professionals on hand to carry out any shingle repair you may require. It may be the case your roof is intact, yet regular inspections are very wise.

Now is the best time to contact Southern Star Roofing & Construction, who are your top Charlotte residential roofing company. We are affordable roofing contractors serving Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas. We specialize in offering roof repair and roof replacement, Siding, Windows, and Gutter services. If you want to be sure, you have the best and most affordable shingle repair, or you know you need extensive work on your roof.

Then with a purchase of a full roof, we carry out free gutter cleaning and upgrade your regular shingle roof to architectural shingles at no additional cost! Shingle repair doesn’t need to be a surprise or overly expensive.

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