When do you need to replace your gutters?


when to replace your guttersWhat is the purpose for having gutters on your home? In case you didn’t know, gutters direct water off your roof and away from exterior walls, doors and windows, and your home’s foundation. In this way, gutters serve to keep water from entering your home. Even though gutter systems are designed to last for multiple decades, they may become damaged from environmental elements and may need to be replaced. If you maintain a functioning gutter system, you will help to keep your home’s exterior walls and foundation safe from the damaging effects of water invasion.

Most homeowners will want to protect the investment they’ve made in the purchase of their homes and will want to secure their investment. Keeping gutters free of debris will help maintain their functionality and ensure a home’s protection. So it is important to know when your gutters need to be replaced. The following lists signs that indicate when you need to install a new gutter system.

When to Replace your Gutters on Your Home

Signs of Cracking or Splitting

It’s easy for homeowners to overlook tiny cracks in their gutters. Even though it might not seem that important, after a while the cracks will become larger, allowing water damage to not only your gutters but also to fascia boards, roof shingles and your home’s foundation. If identified early on, you might only have to apply a little sealant or flashing to fix the cracks. However, if you have large cracks, splits and rust spots, it would be best to install a new gutter system.

Gutters Pulling Away from Your Roof

If you find your gutters are pulled away from the roof, you could hammer in some fasteners to take care of the problem for a period of time. But, if you see spaces appearing between the roofline and the gutters, more likely it’s a sign that the fascia boards are deteriorating. In this situation, your gutters should be replaced to prevent deterioration and rotting of these boards.

Paint Peeling On and Around Your Gutter

The paint on your gutters is designed to resist environmental effects overall seasons of the year. However, manufacturing defects or water backed up in the gutters over time may lead to the paint peeling off. This indicates damage your gutters are damaged and you need to consider replacing them.

Signs of Mildew Around Your Foundation

If water isn’t directed away from your foundation, exterior walls, doors and windows, you could be dealing with a growing mildew or mold problem. These problems occur when an area continues to be damp and moist. Remember, an effective gutter system directs water away from your home and prevents this dampness. If you notice mildew signs, you should inspect what’s causing it and consider replacing your gutters.

Improperly Pitched Gutter

In order for gutters to work as designed, they need to be pitched properly. If they are not, you will find water pooling next to your foundation and other areas. If water is spilling over from your gutters, you should replace them as soon as you can to correct the problem.

Water Damage Directly Beneath Your Gutter

By periodically inspecting your gutters for any of the damage signs mentioned, you can prevent home maintenance problems. This doesn’t have to be a monumental task, but it’s necessary to safeguard your home. On a sunny, rain-free day check for signs of water damage to your gutters. Look closely at the area beneath the gutters to see if there are signs from water overflowing and escaping the gutters, which would cause problems with the fascia board and soffit. If you notice watermarks, it is time to replace your gutters to prevent further damages to your biggest investment, your home.

Gutter replacement could be something you take on yourself.  In the event you are too busy with your schedule and just want to be sure it gets done right, contact the professional gutter company, Southern Star Roofing.

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