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When To Get A New Roof – FAQs

When To Get A New Roof - FAQsKnowing when it is time to get a new roof is important. Most roofs last anywhere from 25 years to about 100 years. In between those life spans, it is up to the homeowner to take good care of the roof so that it can last as long as possible.

Save yourself money and hassle by having the roof inspected regularly. It is much easier and much more affordable to do small repairs rather than replace the entire roof. Inspections determine which is necessary. Small leaks that are not addressed can turn out to be big ones which can lead to severe structural damage and the need for a new roof.

An inspection by a qualified, professional roof company like Southern Star Roofing discloses the signs and symptoms in the state of your roof. If many of the following signs are present, it is a clear indication that the roof needs to be replaced rather than repaired.

What Are the Signs That You Need A New Roof?

Some key signs and symptoms are:

Dry Rot
Peeling paint and,
Signs of decay.

Some signs of decay include the presence of asphalt granules in the gutter. If the roof is about 20 or more years old, we would most likely recommend replacing it as it has ended its useful life.

If we see any coiling, twisting or bending in the shingles we would recommend repairing these to avoid any leaks. If the leaks are present, we would repair those as well.

If your roof is drooping or bending, most likely serious structural damage has set in. We would recommend that your roof be replaced under these circumstances.

Can I Inspect My Roof by Myself?

You can do a cursory scan of the roof from the ground. While this is not a thorough inspection, it will suffice to give you details of the general repairs your roof needs. You should note any missing shingles or any peeling paint and let your roofer know. Then have them or Southern Star Roofing come and do a thorough professional inspection. We can recommend either repairs or a full replacement.

Southern Star Roofing can help with your next home project. Call us to get a quote or more information.

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