When is it Time for an Asphalt Roof Replacement in North Carolina?


When is it time for an asphalt roof replacement? Unfortunately, many homeowners in North Carolina aren’t sure. By the time you figure it out, it could already be too late to prevent leaks. Read on to know more with Southern Star Roofing, your local repair experts.

Discolored Ceilings

Brown or yellow ceilings mean that water is getting inside. If you are finding this, then it’s likely your roof to blame. Even if most of your shingles seem fine, some may have buckled. When they curl, tear, or break away, water leaks indoors.

Sagging Roofs

Roofs that dip and sag will do so from added weight and wood rot. When they absorb water, they get bogged down. Sagging roofs need to be repaired right away to prevent failures. Otherwise, they could collapse into your home, causing an even bigger problem.

Natural Light Inside

Most attics stay dark because they become enclosed by walls and roofing. If you notice light coming inside, it’s because there is a gap somewhere. When sunlight can pass indoors, so can pests and wildlife. The best way to address interior gaps is with our experienced contractors.

If you find any of these issues above, hire Southern Star Roofing for your roof repair and replacement needs today.

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