When do you need to replace your Gutters?

Despite the fact that home guttering systems can last for decades, they are also susceptible to damage and may often require replacement. Having a functional guttering system will ensure your home’s foundation and exterior walls are safe from any water damage. Gutters are responsible for directing rainwater away from the foundation, doors, windows, and exterior walls. By doing so, gutters prevent water from getting into your home.  It is always important to do your homework and find a gutter company that is skilled in roof repair in Charlotte as well as gutters and windows.

You don’t want to live with a dysfunctional guttering system, do you? Remember you want to protect your investment. Ensuring your gutters are clean at all times will enhance their longevity. However, it’s important to know when it’s time to replace this important part of your home’s structure. Here’s what you should look out for.

Signs of Cracking or Splitting

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to ignore small cracks in their guttering systems. While it might not look like a big issue, after some time, the cracks will be bigger thereby allowing water to damage the gutters as well as the fascia boards, the shingles and the foundation below. A few cracks might only need a little flashing or a sealant to be applied. However, in cases where there are large rust spots, cracks, and splits, the best option would be to install new gutters.

Gutters Pulling away from your Roof

Of course, hammering in the fasteners can help resolve this problem for some time. In cases where the spaces keep appearing between the gutters and the roofline, chances are your fascia boards could be deteriorating. Replacing your gutters can help prevent any further rotting and deterioration of the fascia boards.

Paint Peeling on and around your Gutters

Did you know that the paint on our gutters is supposed to withstand the wear and tear experienced across different seasons? At least that’s how it was designed. If the paint starts to peel off, this would indicate the presence of water on the gutters on a continuous basis. Chances are there’s damage to your gutters or water isn’t being removed. You might consider gutter replacement.

Signs of Mildew around your Foundation

As mentioned, the main purpose of your guttering system is to direct water away from your windows, doors, exterior walls, and foundation. If there are pools of water near or around your home’s foundation, you could be dealing with dysfunctional gutters. Mildew growth often occurs in damp and moist areas. Any such signs would indicate it’s time inspect and probably replace your gutters.

Improperly Pitched Gutters

Your guttering system is supposed to maintain a certain pitch for it to function appropriately. Improperly-pitched gutters are likely to cause water to pool around your home’s foundation and other sections. Water may spill over the gutters at times. In case of such, consider gutter replacement as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Water Damage directly beneath your Gutters

How often do you inspect or even check your gutters to assess their condition? There are a few signs of damage you can notice simply by checking your gutters. This doesn’t have to be a huge task, does it? Choose a sunny day when there’s no rain and inspect for water damage marks around your gutters. Pay attention to the area underneath your gutters. If you can see watermarks in this area, that’s an indicator that overflows and escapes the gutters and could cause serious damage to your soffit and fascia board.

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