How to Deal with Roof Leaks in Charlotte after Hurricane Michael

Roof Leaks

what to do about your leaky roof after Hurricane MichaelA leaky roof is a frequent but dangerous problem your roof can have. Generally a leak can point to many different underlying conditions and they can all inculcate tremendous amount of insult to your roof. In fact, roof leaks are considered one of those prime signs of roof damage that would prompt an entire roof replacement.

But we don’t mean to alarm you! If you do happen to notice your roof leaking, the wise thing to do is to contact a certified Charlotte roofing company like Southern Star Roofing immediately for the job. You also might want to consider getting a thorough roof inspection before signing the contract.

What causes a roof leak?

There’s not just one cause of a leak. Leaks are usually a consequence of other roof damages such as broken or missing shingles, impaired flashing, clogged drains, or holes and cracks in other roofing structures. The true nature and root of the problem can only be investigated through the eye of a professional. That’s why we recommend getting a roofing inspection done beforehand to see how bad the leak really is.

DIY roof leaks repairs

Since roof leaks are one of the bigger roof problems, complete repairs are impossible to undertake yourself. You will, in the end, require a professional contractor’s assistance to correct or repair the damages and fix the leak for good but you can take some DIY steps to reduce the ongoing damage – at least temporarily.

Remember: attempt these DIY repairs only if you’re confident and skilled enough to know what you’re doing. Climbing on the roof itself can be a safety concern so you want to make sure you have the safety gear and the tools to make these temporary leak repairs.

For temporarily sealing the area of a leak such as a cracks or holes in the flashing, you could use hardware-bought sealant to temporarily seal or cover the cracks. You should also make sure that the leaky ceiling in your house doesn’t ruin your floor; it’s a good idea to place a bucket underneath it.

After you’ve made the temporary repairs, it’s time you get in touch with a certified roofer who can make permanent corrections in a timely and effective manner.

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