What to do if There’s Moss on Your Roof

Finding moss on your roof isn’t a welcome surprise for homeowners. The climate of Charlotte, NC, is perfect for these spores. Luckily, you have a few options to keep moss at bay. When in doubt, hire Southern Star Roofing to help maintain your roof.

Brush the Area

Using a garden hose alone isn’t enough to remove the moss on your roof. Instead, you need a stiff brush to eliminate it. However, don’t use too much force or you could damage the surface. We recommend a metal wire brush as it helps kill off spores.

Use Antimicrobials

If you can tee off of your roof moss, you need chemical treatments. Purchase a mild detergent rated for mildew and follow their instructions. Some products work automatically, while others need elbow grease. You will also need a pump sprayer to apply the chemicals safely.

Keep Vegetation Away

Nearby hedges and trees could offer shade, which helps moss grow. Moss needs cool and damp shelter, so when they have it they can spread quickly. Direct sunlight can help reduce how many spores will stick around on your home. When you can’t prevent moss on your roof, hire Southern Star Roofing.

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