What materials does the top Charlotte, NC top roofing company use?

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Are there roofing material alternatives?

When contacting a top roofing company to inquire about new roofing structures, modern homeowners have several things to look at. They want solutions that are energy-efficient and attractive to the eye.

Roofing contractors in Charlotte, NC, meet these requests by proposing modern roofing systems that combine high performance and high durability with a pleasing, timeless presence.  Learn more about some of the more popular alternative materials you can choose compared to shingles. However, not all may be suitable for your home at the advice of your Charlotte, NC roofer

Charlotte’s top roofing company uses clay and concrete roof tiles

Tiled roofs necessitate comparatively steep upfront investments, but in the longer term, they yield significant benefits. They are long-lasting, fireproof, energy-efficient, and exceptionally attractive for several house styles. Clay tile roofs require little maintenance.

They form clay tiles into shapes and then bake them to cure them. The resulting densities and weights of the tiles depending on their baking time and the temperature used. Clay tiles are generally the traditional color of terracotta, but they can also make them colored. They produce concrete tiles from a mixture of cement, water, and sand. The liquid mixture is pressed in molds and subject to high temperatures and pressure. The results being a hard roofing material.

Concrete tiles are cheaper than traditional burnt-clay roofing tiles. The manufacturers can produce concrete tiles, which resemble an assortment of other roofing materials, comprising clay, slate, stone, and wood shingles.

Slate roofs from the Charlotte top roofing company

Slate is a rather rare alternative in the modern roofing industry, although more homeowners may choose it if they are aware of the considerable value it offers.   Roofing slate is one of the hardiest, durable, and water-resistant materials available in the industry. Slate roofs provide a fantastic natural variety of colors throughout the roof surface.

Slate also has environmentally friendly advantages. Because it is a natural material, the production process contains less pollution than other roofing materials. Slate is so durable that it can be recycled at the end of the life of the roof.

Charlotte’s top roofing and construction company

When looking for Charlotte’s best roofing and construction company, you will soon see you have a top roofing company to install any alternative roofing material if it is suitable for your home.

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