What is the best ridge vent?

Charlotte, NC, has many home styles and some accessories work better than others. Finding the best ridge vent for your house can feel confusing. Below are some of the options Southern Star Roofing suggests. You can even hire us to install your vents for you.

Shingle-Over Vent

A shingle-over vent is capped with asphalt shingles to help hide it. From the ground, you don’t notice where the roof stops. These handy systems offer an easy escape for summer temperatures. When installed correctly, they don’t allow pests or moisture inside.

Baffle Systems

External baffle systems prevent water from backing up into homes. When it rains or snows, water is forced to flow off. They prevent pooling, so your roof stays drier as well. Homeowners prefer these products for worry-free living all year long.

Vent Boot

Your plumbing system needs air circulation to keep things flowing. Your home has a vent with a boot protecting it. However, when they aren’t sealed correctly, they can cause leaks. Plus, they don’t last as long as their surrounding asphalt shingles.

No matter what ridge vent option is best, hire Southern Star Roofing to install them.

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