What is Roofing Sealant, and Does My Roof Need It?

Roofing sealant, as it sounds, prevents moisture leaks from forming. Does your Charlotte, NC, home need it installed? There are many types of roofing sealants, but not all are right for your job. Learn what Southern Star Roofing has to say on the matter now.

Residential Roofs

Modern homes have been continuing to adopt flatter roof styles, which need to be sealed. The reason is because they can pool water, so you can’t risk even small leaks from happening. Traditional sloped shingle systems usually don’t require it. Unless you find a lot of moisture damage, we suggest avoiding roof sealant.

Commercial Roofs

Most commercial roofs use layers of rubber materials to keep the elements out. As many of them are flat, they also need to be sealed often. Usually, sealing goes quickly and can be done affordably by experienced contractors. Doing so will help preserve the surface, keeping upkeep costs lower.

Older Roofs

As roofing systems age, they lose some of their protection. One way to extend them is with adding a sealant.

Of course, it takes experience to maximize your efforts, so choose our local roofers now. Southern Star Roofing is always here for you.

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