What is Galvanized Roofing?

Galvanized roofing continues growing in popularity amongst Greenville, SC, homeowners. However, is it right for every home in the community? Southern Star Roofing builds, maintains, and replaces any roofing system that you need. Hire us to take on your galvanized roofs and other construction materials.

What is Galvanized Roofing?

Galvanized roofing takes traditional steel panels and applies zinc coatings. That not only enhances its durability but its appearance as well. At first, they appear as standard roofing tiles to passersby. As a result, many homeowners prefer them to asphalt shingles.

Why Galvanized Roofing?

Unlike other products, these systems require no other protective coatings. They are ready to install directly from the manufacturing center. Zinc keeps them fire-resistant, and it insulates your home better as well. You will see a significant difference in your ambient heat and humidity.

Long Service Life

Standard roofs will last one to two decades with upkeep. Galvanized roofs can reach 60 years, lasting an entire lifetime. They withstand both the elements and the effects of rust. We guarantee you won’t find a better selection of metal roofing.

Take your galvanized roofing further with our local contractors. Choose Southern Star Roofing today.

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