What Is Covered Under Various Roof Warranties?

Roofing warranties

What Is Covered Under Various Roof Warranties?For both businesses and homes, new roof installations are essential investments. You will want to invest in a warranty if get a new roof. You need to have a good idea of the different types of warranties on offer and the extent of their cover, before spending your hard-earned cash.

Warranties For Installation Only

Roof defects are covered under installation only warranties. Mistakes made during the installation of the roof are identified as the main cause of the defects covered under this warranty.

Warranties For Labor Only

Only labor costs are covered under these warranties. The materials used in the installation are not covered by such warranties. You need to find out everything that is included under labor only warranties.

Warranties For Materials Only

Your newly installed roof is guaranteed to withstand a number of listed roofing defects under material only warranties. However, in case your roof fails due to your failure to conduct proper roof maintenance or any mistakes during installation, the resulting damage is not covered by this warranty.

Roof System Warranties

Material and labor costs are covered under roof system warranties. In the event of roof installation damage, these warranties – offered by manufacturers – may offer some form of protection. But, damage attributed to failure to conduct proper repairs is not covered.

Roofing Warranties – Manufacturer

System, labor and material warranties are all covered by manufacturer’s warranties. Ten to thirty years is the normal validity period for these warranties. Even though they offer protection against damage to roof components not provided by the manufacturer, these warranties do not cover your roof against all sorts of damage. Every warranty is different from the next one; before making a binding decision, be sure to peruse through each policy.

You need to focus your attention to any warranty details that you consider to be important when buying a new roof. A new roof is a huge investment after all. You need to get extended service from these costly investments. In the event that things go sideways, it is important to have a warranty in place. Fixing problems before they escalate is usually possible with a warranty, in most cases. For a free estimate on a new roof installation, call us at  Southern Star Roofing.

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