What is a Roof Exhaust Fan and Does My Roof Need One?

Learning what a roof exhaust fan is can solve many problems. They are also something that many homeowners in Greenville, SC, don’t understand. There are plenty of options, making the choice tricky as well. Read on with Southern Star Roofing to hear more about them.

Natural Cooling

Your attic is the hottest area of your home because that’s where heat rises. Unless it has an outlet, it gets trapped inside. Roof exhaust vents allow hot air to pass to the outdoors safely. This helps prevent any buckling in roofing materials.

Affordable Upgrades

While more expensive electrical fans exist, most rooftop units are affordable. Most only cost a few hundred dollars for a great return on investment. Heat-related roofing problems can quickly become expensive to fix. A roof exhaust fan will help keep the area free from concerns.

Less is More

Some homeowners get carried away by installing multiple fans for their roof. Unfortunately, that can cause more damage than good. Too many fans can weaken the integrity of your roof, causing a collapse. More openings also mean that pests have easier access indoors.

When you can’t risk poor installations, hire us for your fans. Choose Southern Star Roofing today.

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