What Is A Green Roof?

A green roof is a type of roof where all or part of the roof’s surface is covered with vegetation. There are many benefits to installing a green roof, including lower energy bills, improved stormwater management, and contributing fewer pollutants to the environment. A green roof may also extend your roof’s lifespan and contribute to improving the look and feel of your neighborhood.

What Types of Green Roofs Are Best for Asheville, NC?

When considering a green roof, it is vital to consider the best plant selection for the area in which you live. Plants will thrive best when they are well suited for the growing conditions experienced by a green roof, including wind, high evaporation, and fluctuations in soil temperature and moisture.

Consider native plants that have the following characteristics:

  • Can establish quickly
  • Ability to self-seed and regenerate
  • High ground cover density
  • Fairly shallow root systems
  • Ability to tolerate snow, hail, wind, drought, frost, and direct sunlight

There are many plants to choose from that are well suited in the Asheville, North Carolina area, including many varieties of sedum and other species such as Fame Flower (Talinum calycinum). Contact Southern Star Roofing today to go over all of your green roof options.

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