What Is A Drip Edge Roof?

A drip edge roof uses a unique design to prevent structural concerns. However, are they the best choice for your home in Greenville, SC? You may find that your house could benefit from this system. Contact Southern Star Roofing for your installation and repair needs.

What are Drip Edge Roofs?

Drip edge roofs control the flow of rainwater and winter snow. Their curved design prevents debris from entering your gutters and fascia. This also reduces your risk of wood rot and moisture damage. Best of all, there is little upkeep for homeowners to complete.

Are Drip Edge Roofs Good Options?

Typical shingle roofs only allow water to drain off wherever. When you don’t have rain gutters, that means your home remains soaked. Instead, you can maintain a drier, safer home with one installation. See why homeowners continue to choose this system today.

How Do Drip Edge Roofs Work?

Water naturally follows on a curved surface, making for easy redirection. Plus, the gap between the curve and the roof is too small for debris. You will notice that your gutters get fewer obstructions. Hire Southern Star Roofing for drip edges.

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