What Does A Roof Inspector Look For?

A roof inspector plays a major role in keeping Charlotte, NC, homes safer. Do you know what they look for? Make sure your roofing inspections go off without a hitch. Hire Southern Star Roofing to maintain your roof now.

Missing/Broken Items

When shingles disappear, your roof loses its daily protection. If something breaks there’s a good chance it’s going to leak. That includes flashing, lumber support beams, and even sealant. If they aren’t there, you may not pass the inspection.

Moss and Mildew

Moss and mildew spores need cool, damp spaces to live. If you have them growing on your roof, you may have water issues. Finding moss is often the first step in treating pooling water problems. If you have moss on your roof, inspectors will find it.

Secondary Layers

Some homeowners think more protection is best, but not in practice. Multiple roofing layers add weight, heat, and trap moisture between materials. While reroofing is popular, not every home will qualify for it. You may find that it causes more harm than good.

See why Charlotte, NC, homeowners prefer our roofers. Hire Southern Star Roofing today.

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