What are roofing warranties on roof and roof repair Charlotte and Concord?

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What are roofing warranties supposed to cover?

Roofers Charlotte, Concord, and surrounding areas like Lake Norman Davidson, Harrisburg, Salisbury, and Kannapolis offer various warranty types.

The primary reason being a new residential roof is a significant investment, and homeowners do need to know they have some protection. Many warranties are also in place to give your roofers some added protection as well. Learn more about what warranties you may find are on offer from your local roofers.

Basic warranties, roofers Charlotte and Concord roofing companies offer

At the very least, you should expect the basic warranties from any roofers you employ to work on your home. These should include the following:

  • Installation only covers roof defects, where the installation process is the culprit for the defects. Roofers will be liable for this.
  • Labor only will cover your roofers; you will need to find the other side of this to see what you may be liable for.
  • Materials only cover the materials from the supplier, in most cases, the roofers Charlotte are covered when they use defect-roofing materials

Roof system warranties from Charlotte’s top roofing company

Roofing system warranties will cover the costs of materials and labor. These warranties – issued by the manufacturers – can offer some protection from damage to the roof installation. However, damage resulting from a lack of appropriate roofing repair is not covered.

Roofing manufacturers warranties

The system, labor, and material warranties and guarantees will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranties. The regular validity period of these warranties is ten to thirty years.

Although they protect against damage to roof components not provided by the manufacturer, these warranties do not cover your roof against all types of damage. All warranties are different from the following; before making a final, binding decision, be sure to find out what your chosen roofers Charlotte and Concord offer.

Finding roofers in Charlotte and Concord, NC

Roofers Charlotte and other areas carry out many installations or repairs throughout the year; this means there are hundreds of homeowners, which have warranties in place. If you are in the position of roof repair or installation, now is the best time to contact Southern Star Roofing & Construction. We are Charlotte’s best roofing and construction company. You can quickly find the extent of the warranties we supply and the ones that come with the high-quality roofing materials we use.

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