What are Roof Vents for?

Have you looked up and asked what are roof vents for in Greenville, SC? You aren’t alone, as everyone wonders about them eventually. They’re a vital component of your property’s overall wellbeing. Make sure yours are installed correctly by hiring Southern Star Roofing today.

They Release Heat

Hot air rises and eventually gets trapped inside of your attic. Heat-related concerns can be prevented by allowing the air to flow. Even if temperatures are high, vents prevent new damage, and that is why they are necessary in every home.

Choose the Right Kind of Vent

You can find a variety of roof vents, including powered ones. The question is, what style is right for your home? Turbine styles are effective in windy areas but useless otherwise. Solar ones require a little more than hot air to work.

Vents Reduce Moisture

Hot air tends to be moist which can cause condensation. Proper roof venting will alleviate this concern from rotting out your attic. Lumber is porous, so it quickly absorbs any ambient humidity. When you need to know your home is vented right, you need Southern Star Roofing.

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