What are cement roofing tiles?

One option many homeowners may choose is cement roofing tiles instead of shingles. However, with the amount of rain and snow in Charlotte, NC, are they practical? Whatever is right for your home, you can count on us. See what Southern Star Roofing has to say about cement roofing tiles below.

Long-Lasting Products

Asphalt shingles may last around 20 years under ideal conditions. Cement roofing tiles on the other hand, have seen 100 years of service. They can withstand wind better than shingles, and look better as well. They outperform traditional roofing materials, making them a wise choice.

Comparable Value

Cement roofing tiles traditionally have higher costs compared to shingles. However, as crude oil prices rise, their costs become more competitive. Tiles require less upkeep, so maintenance is also more affordable. Plus, their longer longevity means less replacement costs as well.

Better Than Tile

Tile roofs are attractive, but they are also more expensive to install. Plus, clay roofs unfortunately can’t take on much damage before breaking. Cement roofing tiles look similar to clay but are far more resilient. This is why many homeowners have made the switch already.

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