Want To Make Your Roof Last Longer? Use These Ideas!


roof snow removalIt doesn’t really matter if your roof just got installed last year or is nearing the end of its likely lifespan. In every age of your roof, it’s crucial to maintain it in great working order so that it can last for you as long as is possible. Doing just a few small things listed in the following paragraphs can certainly cost you money and time. However, they’re far cheaper and easier than the stress and thousands of dollars you’d have to put into a new roof. Keep reading to learn some quick things you might do in order to spare yourself the hassle and expense over the long haul.



Care For Your Roof Gutters

You’ve probably been told to keep your mind out of the gutter, but you should keep your mind on your gutters. Cleaning your home’s rain gutters can get quite a bit done. You’ll keep pests and leaves from messing up your roof, but you’ll also spare your home substantial water damage. As debris and leaves accumulate, they can make dams in the gutters that result in pools of unwanted standing water. That water eventually leaks right into your home and wreaks havoc.

Trim The Trees Around The Roof

If there are trees surrounding your home, you might want to look at all their branches closely to be sure that none of them happen to be hanging right over your roof. If they’re that close, they become pathways for rodents and pests to land or walk onto your roof, where they might gnaw up the shingles or even make a home inside of them. Be sure that your home has at least 10 feet of space between the roof and any branches. If this isn’t the case, find a local professional who can remove the branches safely, but without damaging the trees or your home.

Prevent All Ice Dams

One of the best ways to be careful with your roof has actually little to do with it specifically. Be sure that your attic has sufficient insulation to prevent water from freezing on your roof, which can wind up creating ice dams. When they melt, the instigate a lot of water damage. Another great way to prevent any ice dams is to clear off all snow from your roof by using a rake to dislodge all ice and snow up there. You need to keep 3 to 4 feet clear around your rain gutters as a minimum to prevent ice dams from forming.

Keep Up With Things

Probably the simplest and most fundamental things you can do for your roof and its protection is just being mindful of what’s going on with it, particularly after weather storms. Just walk around the perimeter of your home and be mindful of shingle granules that might have chipped off or even whole shingles which have fallen off of your roof, as they can clue you in, letting you know when the time has come to repair your roof or even replace it. Take binoculars with you and look up there, making observations about damaged flashing or curling shingles near or around skylights, vents, and other various openings.

Getting a new roof can possibly cost you tens of thousands of your hard-earned dollars. It’s a lot cheaper in terms of annual cost to just carefully maintain the roof that you have so you can hopefully avoid expensive repairs and replacements later in the future.

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