Useful Tips For Proper Attic Ventilation


AtticUnless you get inside the attic and see what is going on, there is a good chance you won’t think much about things such as ventilation and insulation. Although much of what occurs in the attic is not visible to homeowners, it is very important to know how well the attic is ventilated. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of what is necessary, but also you need to be careful to not be influenced by extreme opinions. The following are a couple of tips that can help you decide which steps need to be taken to make sure your attic is vented properly, along with a couple of cautions that need to be considered.


What Is The Purpose Of Ventilation?

In part, the answer to the question will depend on the area you live in. For example, if you happen to live in an area of the county with extremely hot summers, attic ventilation is necessary for venting hot air from your attic. That results in less energy being needed to cool the house down. Houses located in cold climates must have a way of keeping their roof temperatures cool enough to control the ice dams, which are chunks of ice that are found on the edges of the roof. When the temperature warms up, water melting from the roof dams up. If left alone, the water may back up a few feet underneath the shingles. Proper attic ventilation can help to prevent many disasters from occurring.

How Much Ventilation Is Necessary?

The brief answer is that for each 300 square feet of ceiling area there needs to be 1 square foot of attic ventilation. There are other factors that might change these numbers. For example, the amount of vent grates that are installed on a home’s roof will reduce the area that needs to be ventilated. Most homeowner do not know how to calculate the amount of attic ventilation that is actually required. Instead of agonizing over this and mistakes being made, the best option is to contact a roofing professional. A reputable company employs individuals who have been trained to know the amount of ventilation that is needed for your home. If you are really curious about how they do the calculations, just ask them. Most roofing professionals will be happy to discuss their job with a homeowner and will explain things to you in plain English.

Can An Attic Fan Be Used?

Attic vent fans are designed for decreasing attic heat through drawing cooler outside air in from the attic vents and to push hot air outdoors. Once you install an attic fan, you might notice a difference in the amount of heat that you feel at your home’s ceiling level. If you are looking for more efficient cooling from your air conditioner, you may want to think about installing one or a few attic fans. Before you install an attic fan, contact a roofing company first since it is very important to ensure that you install the right size. If you do not do this, then you may end up installing a fan that doesn’t move a sufficient amount of air to provide you with the cooling effect that you are looking for.

Hire A Professional

Do you want to ensure that your home has the proper attic ventilation? If so, then hire a professional roofing company. You will not have to worry about critical requirements such as second guessing the measurements. Professional contractors have many years of experience, have all of the proper supplies and tools to do the job right, and know exactly what your house needs. Eliminate your stress and contact a professional roofing company today to install an attic fan for you.

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