Useful Roof Replacement Checklist For Homeowners

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Useful Roof Replacement Checklist For Homeowners1. Remove All Antennae and Satellite Dishes

Having a partial roof replacement done, then most likely you won’t have a need to make many changes around your house. However, if you are completely changing your roof, then it’s good to take down all heavy objects, antennas, and satellite dishes.

2. Protect Delicate Items

There is going to be lots of drilling, hammering, and sawing happening around and in your house, which will send vibrations that you can hear and see throughout the interior of your home. If you have delicate items hanging in your house like expensive china, chandelier, or paintings, then be sure to take them off the walls since there is a risk that they will fall due to the vibrations.

3. Cut Your Lawn Down

Be sure to mow your lawn. While asphalt is being torn off of your roof, it is likely that nails will fall off and into your backyard. Obviously your roof installer will clean things up, but having neatly mown grass will make it a lot easier to find nails that have fallen.

4. Be Sure Your Venting is Intact

There are several pipe vents in your home’s bathroom that take the toxic gases and sewage up to the roof and then out. While your roof is being replaced, be sure those lead pipes do not break. A majority of roofers will simply get an inexpensive pipe to install and bend it so that it fits with your new roof design. However, as a homeowner, your job is to disallow this and ask to have the highest quality vents put in. If you don’t do this your home will start to smell due to the sewage not being disposed of correctly. A professional roofer can do these and more for you. Call us today.

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