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When you build your home, you focus on its interior and exterior to make it look aesthetic, but you need a perfectly structured roofing exterior to give your house a beautiful look. The roof of your home is like the cherry on the cake.

Roofs protect your house from external threats and make it comforting for you. There are different and unique roofing designs that people pick to make their house look aesthetic and beautiful. Different designs complement the other structures of the house, and one should choose the layout or design of the roof according to the exterior and interior of the home.

How Different unique Roofing Designs compliment the house:

Many unique roofing designs compliment the structure and composition of the house. Architects design the roof so it compliments the home nicely. Specific cool and unique roof designs look so classy and aesthetic but don’t suit the exterior and structure of the house and make the entire look dull. 

It would help if you were very careful before choosing the right roof design for you.

There are quite many historical buildings and monuments that are known because of their unique and beautiful roofing designs. Architects have put their hearts into those historical buildings. That’s why they are being praised even today.

Some of the unique and beautiful roofing designs are: 


It’s a roofing structure in which there are two slopes on one side, and that makes it sloppy. One side of the roof is at a shallow angle, and the other is steep.

It helps in the drainage of water and makes the water easier to drain.

It gives a very aesthetic and beautiful look to your house and increases the storage space between the steeper ends.

For people who have storage issues, this roofing structure is the best choice for them


Skillion is another unique roofing design in which they only have a single flat surface, as opposed to having two sloping sides which lead to a peak at the centre of the building 

They have multiple slopes that provide resistance to fight any lasting damage and windy weather. 

Because of the steeper surface, it gives a better drainage system, so it is also a very cost-friendly structure.

Flat roof:

The flat roof is a roof type that is considered equal and levelled in shape. It is usually used to provide living space 

A flat roof is considered cost friendly as it doesn’t cost you much and even takes laser material for repairing purposes.

It’s a water-resistant surface that keeps the roof protected from water damage. It also protects houses from disastrous winds 


Bonnet roofs are geometrically designed as they have four corners with a steep upper slope and a gentle lower slope that provides coverage around the edges.

The bonnet roofs protect the house from the external harmful sun rays and keep the house warmer and cooler:


Saltbox roofs are one of the famous roofing structures used in the British countries. It covers two floors or stories in the front end while one in the rear end. 

It’s a beautifully designed roofing structure that makes it look aesthetic and beautiful.

It was named salt boxes because after the 17th, and 18th centuries, people named it after the wooden salt containers from the colonial period.


A roof structure that is curved from above. It’s one of the most beautiful structural designs of the roof. Many famous buildings have constructed their shelters with this design.

The curved roofs help the environment and reduce the emission of harmful carbon dioxide gases.

It is very durable and wind resistant, which makes it cost-effective and wouldn’t cost you a lot in maintenance.


Dome structured roofs are half the sphere and make the home building look aesthetic. It’s an ancient and vintage roofing structure used for monuments, religious buildings and igloos in the past.

It’s considered durable because the house and buildings constructed from this roofing design are still in the same condition.

They are fire, water, and wind resistant and can protect the house from hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and other threatening natural disasters.


A pyramid roof is also called a pavilion roof. It’s equal from all the sides and expands at the mid-centre, and shapes a conical structure from mid.

Shed roof:

The shed roof is a roof that slopes down in one direction. It is flat with a steep slope. Different buildings have different steep slopes for other shed roofs

They are considered very cost-effective as it doesn’t take enough material in their construction. It also protects from heavy winds.

The shed roof is considered very user-friendly as it doesn’t only provide you protection from natural hazards but makes it cost-effective for you as well. Its beautiful structural design also adds value to the house

Roofing material:

Designs are not the only criteria to give a roof a different and beautiful look. The materials used in forming the roof sometimes distinguish the overall look of two different buildings with the same roofing structure. Roofing materials decide the sustainability of any roof; if you have chosen the suitable material in the construction of a roof, then the roof would last longer

You need to carefully choose the perfect roofing material for your roof.

Some preferred and commonly used roofing materials are Asphalt shingles, Organic shingles, wood shingles, fibreglass shingles, three-tab shingles, tile roofs, metal, plastic and slate. 

These are some of the standard and beautiful roofing structure designs that increase the aesthetic beauty of any house.

All these structures have benefits, and you must be careful when choosing the perfect roofing design for your home.

Choosing the wrong design not only damages the entire look of your house but has a long-lasting impact that can be harmful to the house in the long term.