Top Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement

Your roof is one of the most critical components of your home, protecting it from the elements is very important to ensure your family’s safety. Over time, even the best roofs wear out and may require replacement. To avoid damage, it’s helpful to recognize the warning signs that show it’s time for a roof replacement. Here are some signs to watch for. 

1. Age of the Roof:

  • The age of your roof is a factor. Depending on the material roofs can  have a lifespan of 20-30 years. If your roof is getting close to this age or has exceeded this age, it’s time to consider a replacement.

2. Missing or Damaged Shingles:

  • Inspect your roof for missing, cracked, curling, or damaged shingles. Shingles protect your roof from water infiltration and damage.

3. Roof Leaks:

  • The presence of water leaks inside your home is a clear indication of a roofing problem. Check for water stains on ceilings or walls, as well as any signs of water dripping or pooling in your attic. 

4. Sagging or Drooping Roof:

  • A visibly sagging or drooping roof is a severe structural issue that requires immediate attention. 

5. Granules in Gutters:

  • Check your gutters for an accumulation of granules from your shingles. As shingles age, they lose these protective granules, which can result in reduced effectiveness. 

If you notice any of these points taking place with your roof give our team at Southern Star Roofing a call. 

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