Top Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips

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Southern Star Roofing - residential and commercial roofing company in CharlotteMost of us are vigilant when it comes to the roof of our homes but equally important to look after is the roof of your commercial building. Just like any other roof, commercial roofs can suffer from damages, cause leaks and force you to invest thousands on the repairing process. One way to avoid the dire consequences is to make sure your commercial roof is properly maintained. To do this, we recommend calling in a one of the top professional roofers in Charlotte like Southern Star Roofing for a detailed inspection. Alternatively, you can also keep an eye on the condition of your roof yourself if you know what you’re looking for.


Top 5 Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips

#1: Keep it clean!

Roof hygiene is something that is often overlooked. Sure it can be drag to examine and clean up any debris from your roof all the time but it’s critical in maintaining your roof. You don’t have to hop up for an inspection and cleaning of your roof every day; once a week check should suffice. Check for any debris, dust, leaves or branches that might be stuck in the steep corners and crevices in your roof. It’s important to stop them from accumulating because overtime they can clog gutters, cause shingle damages and ultimately encourage a leak.

#2: Unclog the drains

Gutter pipes on your commercial roof have a tendency to get clogged. That’s because they are always exposed to the elements outside and it’s highly probable for leaves, branches and nests to clog the drain. The first sign of a dirty roof drain pipe is pooled up water on your roof. Roof gutters like any other gutter are fairly easy to clean unless the problem at hand is too large. In the latter case, you might want to call in an expert.

#3: Look for any damages

The roof is constantly exposed to bad weather, snow and wind. All of these conditions can result in your roof sustaining mild to massive hurt. This usually presents as a broken, loose or missing shingle and it should be a red flag for you to usher in the professionals. Other signs of commercial roof damage include leaky ceilings, chipped off flashing, and mold.

#4: Create a walkway for your commercial roof

Roofs are notorious in causing fall accidents. We’ve seen them on TV and we know it has happened to someone in real life. To prevent such accidents, it’s a good idea to invest in a walkway for your roof. This will not only make it easier for you and your roofer to inspect the roof but it will also save the shingles from pressure damage that could come with too much walking on the roof.

#5: Always ask for expert help for roofing maintenance! No matter how careful of a commercial building owner you are, only qualified roofers know the proper physics of a good roof. Regular roofing inspections from a trusted team of roofing professionals will save you a lot of time and energy, and it will help you evaluate the condition of your roof through an expert’s opinion.

Maintaining your commercial roof should be an important part of work. It’s important to always keep your roof in good shape to avoid any future accidents, leaks or roof collapse that can all take a toll on your business.  

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