Top roof installer in Asheville NC provides a warranty


Top roof installer in Asheville NC

Any time a roof installer works on your home, you’ll know that it hits your pocket hard. In many cases, there’s nothing like a small roofing project, as even the simplest can take hours or more complicated than it appears.

While you find plenty of individuals who tackle these themselves, there is good reason to get your local roof installer involved. If the work on your roof doesn’t come with a warranty, you could find a cost of thousands of dollars you need to spend on repairs, as you have no coverage.

Insurance only helps after the event, and the damage has hit you. If you have defects in the installation of your roof, an insurance company will only do so much. Here you can learn more about roof warranties; and how your roof installer should use them.

Not all materials used by Asheville’s top roofers have a warranty

An extended warranty on the roofing materials used on the roof is what is most important.

It is ideal to look for warranties that give several years of coverage. However, five years is certainly not the kind of extended warranty that you want when it comes to a roof.

A standard asphalt roof may last over twenty years, so a five-year warranty just won’t cut it. The warranty on your roof must be twice as old as your roof to be adequately covered for roof defects and roof installer repairs.

What warranty’s do for me

The critical thing to understand is which things your roof warranty will cover. However, it is essential to know the things that the roof installer warranty will cover. For example, not everything your roof installer installs may be covered by the warranty.

Any defect in the roof material is among the things most commonly covered by your roof’s warranty. Your roofing material warranty is the most important thing to consider. The roofing material warranty covers any defects in the material, as well as wear and tear and installing problems.

What is good coverage?

A good warranty policy includes defects in materials as well as wear and tear. It should also ensure your roof stays in its peak shape for an extended period.

Besides, that means it ought to be strong to withstand the wrath of your climate and be efficient enough to provide you with comfort in your home. Extended warranties also offer good coverage, with 25 years are standard and familiar, but a considerable warranty period should be 50-plus years.

Excellent warranty coverage also protects homeowners against poor roof installation and negligence by the roofing team. These warranties will cover the repair costs that may be necessary due to defective or substandard roof installation.

Asheville NC top roof installer

One of the things to consider before a warranty is that you are using the Asheville’s best roofing company. Installing a properly functioning roof can often mean you never need to use your warranty, and this is best for everyone in the end. Hence the reason to always use the best roof installer. Southern Star Roofing is an affordable, top roofing company.

We have regional offices in Charlotte, Asheville NC, and Greenville SC. We offer roof repair, along with full roof replacement. Free gutter cleaning and upgrade to architectural shingles with a purchase of a full roof from Asheville top roofing company!

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