Things You Need to Know Before You Get Your Skylight Installed


how to properly install a skylight in your homeSkylights add a certain touch of aesthetic to your home with the natural daylight pouring in and a greater degree of ventilation. These roof elements also make for a great substitute for windows in places where there’s just not enough space for them. Installing a skylight is a process that requires careful consideration into the quality, location, and the weather. Before you hop on the installation process, you need to familiarize yourself with all of the aforementioned variables. This project can be done DIY as well if you’re completely sure of what you’re doing; however, it’s always worth it consulting and hiring a professional roofing company to do the job for you.

Facts About Installing Skylights

#1: Premium Quality Materials

When it comes to skylights, you can’t really afford to make a compromise on the quality. If you’re not sure what’s popular in the market, you should consult with your contractor or a roofer. It’s important to invest in good quality products for your skylight because it essentially substitutes an area of your where shingles would have otherwise been – and we all know how fussy we are when it comes to shingle quality!

The quality of your skylight is determined by how well it can bear weight, how sound proof it is, and how water tight it is. Load bearing is especially necessary for homes that constantly see tons of snow and hail in their area. A poor quality skylight might not be able to hold and it could succumb to the weight of the accumulated snow or ice. This could cause catastrophic water damage to the inside of your home.

You might also want to go one step further in investing in a skylight that offers excellent ventilation, provides UV rays protection and includes a built-in shading system. You can also go down the green road and invest in environmentally friendly products which aren’t uncommon these days.

#2: Deciding the Right Location

One main rule to remember is that you can’t just install a skylight anywhere. The location of the placement of your skylight is important for a bunch of reasons. For starters, you need to know the framework of your house in detail and the plan of where internal beams are located in your house. These will act as a guide for you to determine the best possible location of installing a skylight.

You also want to be considering the rooms above which the skylight will be installed. Remember that these areas of the house will naturally receive a whole lot of sunlight as well heat. A room underneath a skylight such as a bedroom will be warmer in summers and colder in winters. For this reason, skylight placement requires a strategic location.

#3: Weather Matters

Installing a skylight can take up a few days and you need to make sure no rain or storm halts your progress. Ideally you should select to install a skylight in dry weather conditions when there is little to no chance of rain. Of course, the weather can tend to be unpredictable but working in safer months of spring or fall is a safer road to take.

Skylights definitely make your home look more contemporary and homely. You want to make sure that the installation process is done to perfection so you can truly cherish this roofing element.

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