Things To Know About Your Roof Replacement

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There comes a time when the leaks on your roof, the cracked flashing and the missing shingles are beyond repair. If that time has come for you, you already know the drill: roof replacement. Roof replacement is a stressful project to embark upon for many homeowners and why shouldn’t it be? The thought of getting your entire roof changed and the cost that goes into it can all be daunting. Lucky for you we’ve formulated a complete list of things that you need to know to be mentally prepared for your roof replacement.

Know the cost estimate of roof replacement

Before you tear down your roof you’d want to know how much it will cost you to fix a new one. This is done through the assistance of a reputable roofing company. Your roofer will pay your roof a visit, inspect the damages and assess the needs for maintenance. There are plenty of different factors that decide the ultimate cost of the roofing repair. The roofing specialist will provide you with an estimate. Good roofers should break down the entire estimate and let you know what each element costs. This way you’ll know where your money is going and that there are no hidden fees that you’re paying.

Getting the permit

In the US and many parts of the world your roofer will need an actual roofing permit to replace your roof. Not all areas will need you to obtain this permit but most areas with homeowners association will. Make sure that your roofer has the necessary roofing permit for the job before they begin the actual roof replacement. This is important to avoid any legal issues.

Some additional repairs add to the cost

Sometimes even the best roofing company won’t give you an accurate estimate of the cost of your roof replacement project. That’s because there are numerous problems that may arise and present themselves during the actual replacement process. This could be rotten plywood underneath or broken chimneys. Such damages will add to the final cost even if they weren’t initially included in the estimate. The reason why we’re mentioning this is because you should always be mentally prepared for any extra repair costs that might be needed.

Know how long the roof replacement will take

Along with the cost estimate, your roofing specialist should provide you with an actual timeline of the replacement events. Typically a roof replacement can take from days to weeks depending upon the repairs required and the actual size of your roof. You should always be open to an extended timeline of the roof replacement when you’re embarking on this project.

It’s also important to know whether you need a roof replacement or if simple repairs would suffice. Never take the road to replacement if there is a chance of complete repair. Talk to a professional roofer to know exactly what your options are. Southern Star Roofing has an excellent reputation amongst residents of Charlotte. Our professional roofing specialists are skilled in advanced roof replacement and repairs. Call us now – we’d love to assist you!

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