The Types of Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs

The Types of Metal RoofsWhen it comes to the roof coverings you can choose from for your residential or commercial building, there are many options including metal roofs. The wide range includes slate, tile, metal, asphalt shingles, shake, TPO membrane, P.V.C. membrane, etc. But arguably the best roof option available is the metal roof. Naturally, it must fit the use but metal roofs not only look great and perform excellently, but they are also known to last for some time. In addition, they come with high wind warranties which make them great choices for a building on the coast or in an open space.

There are various types of metal roofing. They are available in steel, stainless steel, copper, tin, aluminum, etc. They are also able to come in different thickness, profiles, and shapes. Paint finishes vary, as well, coming in a plethora of life expectancies and hues. Fasteners can be exposed or hidden (hidden is higher quality), and of course, pricing will vary depending on the choices made.

Southern Star Roofing is equipped with a metal roof panel machine. We purchase sheets of metal material and process it through this machine in order to create roof panels of a specific length, width, and profile (or shape). Most panels make up “standing seam metal roofs”, which are the ones you often see throughout town. We install metal roof panels in a variety of settings, for both commercial and residential jobs.

Most metal roofs will be the last roof you can expect to pay for, as they generally last a lifetime. And as long as they are installed correctly, you can be sure to not experience leaks, as well. To get started on figuring out the best metal roof for your structure, contact Southern Star Roofing for help or another experienced and skillful roofing professional today. You’ll be sure to have a roof you absolutely love.

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