The Right Way to Install Your Roof Shingles

Roof Shingles

The Recommended Way to Properly Install Roof Shingles

the right way to install roof shingles

There’s a standard way of installing the shingles on your roof no matter what material they are but roofers nowadays have constructed their own special tweaks to the standard method to make the installation more successful and your roof long-lasting. We’re all about good change and don’t mind a few tweaks here and there as long as the job is done right. Here in this blog post, we’ll talk about the best method to proceed with roof shingle installation so read on!

#1: Assess your roof height

Hold your horses! Before you grab your hardware tools, you might want to evaluate the roof you intend to carry out this project on. For roofs that are situated a little low near to the ground, this guideline will be perfect. For higher up roofs, though, you might want to talk to your professional roofing expert and bring him in for the job. In fact, with roofing projects, we would always recommend to hire an expert no matter what the height of your roof.

#2: Draw in the lines

The first step to installing roof shingles is to line the edges of your roof with a drip edge flush made of an aluminum sheet. This will create a pencil line on the perimeter of your house to give you a good idea of what you’re dealing with. You’d then want to draw in a chalk line between the two marked ends of the pencil line to get a proper straight line.

#3: Work around the drip edge

When you’ve lined the edges of your roof with a drip edge aluminum sheet and drawn in the pencil and chalk lines, you’d want to pull the drip edge down to make a small gap between this very drip edge and the underlying fascia. Drive galvanized nails through the drip edge to fix it in place. You’d want to do this on each end progressively.

#4: Place the asphalt

Asphalt shingles are relatively an easy fix. When you’ve got your boundaries made and your drip edge in place, all you need to do is lay out your shingles (not more than 30 pounds at a time) and nail it in its proper place. It’s a good idea to begin placing your asphalt shingles from the bottom up.

#5: Get the measurements right

Measurements and math is the key in proper roof shingles installation. Make sure you make a point 12 inches high when you’re done with your first line of shingles. Then proceed with marking about every 4-5 inches until you reach the very top on both sides. Again, make use of chalk line every six inches to produce a straight line on the increments.

Once the all the layers of your shingles have been laid down, cut off the three tabs by installing a starter course. The top tar part should not be cut.

Great recommendations if you are looking to be heavily involved with your roofing contractor OR if you plan to go at it yourself!

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