The Right Way to Deal with Shingle Damage

Roof Shingles

shingle damage in CharlotteShingles are the founding blocks of any roof and when they suffer damage, it automatically puts your entire roof at a risk. It doesn’t matter what kind of shingles you have on your roof; at the end of the day, they are all vulnerable to traumatic injury whether it’s weather related or just part of an aging phenomenon. Damaged shingles can present themselves in multiple ways. They can crack, break, become loose or even go entirely missing.

When your shingles start showing signs of damage, it’s essential that you take quick action. Call a trusted roofing company immediately for an inspection and subsequent repairs. If you leave your shingle damage unattended for too long you might be encouraging major problems for your roof in the long-term.  Southern Star Roofing is seasoned in fixing shingle damages and providing your roof with the professional service it requires.

Shingle damage

What ensues after damaged shingles is not a pretty story. When your shingles start losing their structure and function they undergo complete fragmentation. It’s not rare to find the remnants of a broken shingle in your clogged drains. It’s also not rare to find entire shingles missing.

Leaks are the single most important and deadly consequence of shingle damage. Normally the shingles on your roof are nailed down in layers. If even shingle in the layer disappears or is compromised in any way, rain water might find its way into the deck and seep into the surrounding roof structures. It won’t be long until you’ll notice signs of roof leaks in your ceiling as well as the growth of fungus and mold.

Broken or damaged shingles also affect the structural stability of your roof and may predispose it to easy damage.

How can you deal with shingle damage?

Evaluation and inspection of the roof damage is the first step and you might require expert assistance for it. Your ideal solution is a professional roof inspection. If the roof inspector tells you that your shingles need to be replaced, you’ll need to hire a qualified Charlotte company for the job. Do your homework and choose wisely who you want as your roofing company.

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