The Proper Way to Investigate Water Damage on Your Roof if you live on Lake Norman

Water Damage

Advancing age and bad weathers are the usual culprits of damaging your roof overtime. One of the key signs of a roof that needs to be repaired or even replaced is water damage. For someone with a sharp eye, picking up the red flags of water damage might not be hard. But most homeowners are not skilled in the art of investigating signs of water damage to their roof and it takes them a good long while before the damage becomes too apparent too ignore.

If you want to protect your roof from bending and breaking, it’s important you keep a watchful eye out for any apparent or unapparent issues of your roof. The best way to examine damage is immediately after or during a rain. Here’s how you can inspect for damage on your roof yourself.

Check for water damage in the exterior

The first thing you ought to do to check for any damage is pay a visit outside of your home. That’s right – leaks will be most conspicuous outside the home first. Indoor leaks occur overtime and are usually picked up last when the damage has progressed.

Check for the gutters lining your roof. If you see any peeling paint, mold, algae or other signs of water leakage you’ll need to do further investigation. Chances are the problem may lie only in the gutter itself such as a clogged drain but if not, then you’ll need to hire a professional roofer to take a look at your roof.

Check for water damage inside the house

The interior of the house can never be ignored either. Principle signs of water damage to your roof can be seen by wet spots on the ceilings that grow overtime. You might also experience a certain smell of dampness in the air every time it rains or find water leaking through the chimney. The attic will be the first room water damage will take a toll on so it’s a good idea to investigate it first, ideally when it’s raining.

If you’ve noticed signs of water damage to your roof, it’s important that you call an expert roofer in Lake Norman immediately before the problem grows.

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