The Most Common Areas Where Roof Leaks Occur

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The Most Common Areas Where Roof Leaks OccurRoof leaks occur in various places, the most common ones are listed below.

1. Areas where flashing is installed. Lightweight strips or sheets of metal that are designed to cover the seams where different types of roofing materials meet are known as flashing. Any damage to the flashing on your roof can cause leaks to occur. Sometimes, unqualified or unscrupulous roofing contractors don’t even install flashing, which can lead to significant leaks further down the road.

2. Near chimneys. Since chimneys protrude through the surface of the roof, they are a common problem area for leaks. Water can collect inside the chimney or around its base. From there, it can leak into the roofing materials.

3. Around plumbing pipes or vents. Plumbing pipes and vents often stick up through the roof. Any areas around these pipes that are not properly sealed could provide an opening for rainwater to get through.

4. Around skylights. Adding a skylight to your home can increase the amount of natural light in your space. Unfortunately, improper installation can lead to leaks.

5. Near damaged shingles. Severe storms or high winds can cause shingles to crack or come loose. This creates small openings on the surface of the roof where leaks can occur. Any water that passes over the roof can seep down into the cracks or openings, eventually finding its way into your home.

6. Poor craftsmanship. Hiring the wrong contractor is a recipe for disaster when it comes to roof repairs and installation. Contractors who are unqualified for the job can create far more problems than they solve by doing the work incorrectly or failing to properly complete the project. To avoid problems, always research any roofing contractors that you hire carefully to make sure that they are qualified, experienced, and well-respected in your community.

7. Old roofing materials. On average, roofs last between 20 and 25 years. You may start to experience leaks more frequently as your roof approaches the end of its life.  Call us if you find yourself needing to take care of roof issues.

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