The Importance Of Inspecting Roofs For Damage After Strong Winds And Storms

Roof Repair

The Importance Of Inspecting The Roof From Damages After Strong Winds And StormsStrong winds can be a destructive force. They can damage roofs, and this is at times possible, even with some of the light winds. That is why inspecting roofs is necessary; to help identify any damage caused by the wind.

Let not storms that have no rain or hail dupe you. Some may not have any precipitations, but they can be ferocious forces in hiding and can cause extensive damage to the roof.

Ideally, the roof that meets the recommended industry standards can withstand normal wind loads. However, the violet winds can cause extensive roof damage. In some cases, the damage may worsen over time becomes a significantly costly issue to fix.

What the winds do is adding a couple of stress points to the roofing structure. The stress points are gradually compromised over time. As a result, they increase the risk of water damage and degrade the roof’s structural integrity.

Moreover, the wind can carry different debris that it damps on the roof that can dent the shingles making the roof susceptible to damages. That is why an extensive roof inspection is necessary after a storm. It helps identify any potential and existing damages that need repairs.

Roof Damage After Strong Winds

When addressing the issue of wind roof damage, we take into consideration five factors:

1) The corners of the roof and its perimeter are vulnerable to wind damage, more so than any other area of the roof.

2) Damage to the corners, often exposing the insulation, and this increases the probability of water damage.

3) The wind and pick and tear off the slightly loose shingles, and the violate storms that characterized the type of weather these days can push shingles up and out. It is what leads to what’s known as the “peeling effect.”

4) Sometimes the debris carried by the wind can be more hazardous and destructive than the wind itself. Therefore, you should keep your property clean and trim the trees.

5) The gutters and downspouts can be clogged, and this can be one of the things that increase the risk of water damage that weakens the roof making it vulnerable to the winds.

Roof Inspections

Failure to address the damage caused by the storm will only see the problem worsen over time, becoming an expensive issue to fix. A comprehensive inspection makes it possible to locate the smallest of damages before it balloons into a costly problem that may lead to a roof replacement.

We highly recommend that the inspections be done by an experienced and reputable roofing inspector or contractor.

It is unwise to downplay the risk associated with climbing atop roofs to assess their state and structural integrity. That is why we at Southern Star Roofing have highly trained and vastly experienced roofers that will carry out the inspection while observing the highest safety standards.

The roof assessment will depend on the type of roofing you have, taking into account other features such as the chimneys, flashing, and gutters.

The inspection will be down on the inside and outside as the roofing specialist checks for dampness, excessive moisture, rot, peeling and any other issue. That then means that the attic will also have to be inspected to confirm all is well.

When we inspect the shingles, we check for any curled, split, chipping, or missing shingles. We also look for any mold and decay. The approach to use depends on the type of shingles installed on your roof. Also, we take the pitch of the roof into consideration. For instance, the flat roof will involve checking for tears, water patches, wrinkles, cracks, and blisters that signify water damage that may be attributed to issues caused by strong winds and violent storms.

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