The Importance Of Having Your Commercial Roof Washed

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The Importance Of Having Your Commercial Roof WashedThe responsibilities of a commercial facility operator run across the board. If you do run or manage such a facility, one of your primary responsibilities is caring for and maintaining your roof considering that it’s the first and the only line of protection your facility has against the elements.

Flat metal roofs can have water ponding or pooling in some parts due to various factors. But once the water starts to pool, there is a high likelihood that algae and fungus will start growing in these pools. Washing your facility’s roof is one way to eliminate the issue before it becomes a problem. At the same time, it leaves your flat roof in immaculate condition, ready to face everything nature has to throw its way. If you do not maintain your commercial facility’s flat roof, you might end up needing the services of a commercial roof cleaning services provider and that’s when the bottom line hits.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Washing Your Roof

Roofs, like any other assets in a commercial building, will perform better when they are washed. A clean roof’s membrane will enjoy a much longer lifespan while roof temperatures, which can be quite discomforting, will lower. At the same time, a clean roof will lead to reduced energy use, hence lowering energy bills. White membrane roofs reflect UV rays, helping keep temperatures low. This, in turn, helps your rooftop heating and cooling system operate more efficiently.

Moisture is the bane of many things, and for roofs, especially metal ones, it can cause havoc. Water pools on metal roofs are a threat to flat roofing systems. So, if there is debris building up on your flat roof, consider having it cleared as it could hold water, leading to ponding. Splitting and blistering are other problems that water pooling on roofs creates. Once an opening has been created, rust follows soon after – and so will leaks.

Did you know that roofs can be fire hazards? As such, it is essential to ensure that there is no fuel resting on a roof to reduce its chances of catching fire and damaging your facility.

When you have your commercial roof cleaned, you are, in a sense, performing an inspection for damages. Having your roof cleaned regularly will ensure that the smallest problems are identified before they escalate and become devastating realities that necessitate costly repairs or a complete installation.

In industries such as food processing, a building operator is required to ensure that the facility meets industry standards and codes. When you have a professional responsible for ensuring your roofing system stays clean, you won’t have a problem adhering to the provisional guidelines.

If you want your roof to stay clean and sealed, professional roof cleaning is the way to go, especially when it comes to the removal of debris that has accumulated on your roof for years. Once your roof has been cleaned, subsequent cleanings will be easier to handle.

The last thing professionally-cleaned roofs provide is an improved aesthetic look. Clean roofs make a statement about how you manage your business, and your clientele and customers (both current and potential) will certainly notice it. Don’t hesitate to give us a  call and see how we can help.

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