The Common Signs of Roof Leakage

Water Damage

The Common Signs of Roof LeakageEven if your house has not experienced a traumatic event such as a huge storm, damage can still occur on the roof, usually silently over many years. Just the same manner that damage can happen to your body without your knowledge, the same can happen to the roof.

This is why you should always be vigilant, and knowing the most common causes of leaks on roofs can help you achieve that:


The presence of condensation is one of the primary causes of a leaking roof. Poor aeration or ventilation produces condensate on the roof’s underlay, which trickles down to the ceiling over time. In order to prevent the formation of condensate, it’s imperative to ensure that your roof is properly ventilated.

Slipped Slates or Tiles cause Roof Leakage

Has your home experienced slipped slates or tiles in the past? If so, then you may have noticed a pool of water accumulating in these sections. With slipped tiles and slates, your roof’s underlay is exposed to more rain and over time, the moisture or water makes it’s way into the roof, thus causing significant damage.

Failing Extensions cause Roof Leakage

If you have a lean-to extension, there are higher chances of the roof leaking. This makes sense as rainwater that hits the roof tends to fall and pass onto the lean-to extension. The pressure on this section of the roof is doubled, from both the rainwater as well as the additional discharge from the roof.
Over time, this can lead to the damage of the roof tiling and underlay, which increases the chances of a roof leak.

Compromised Underlay

This is another common cause of a leaking roof, as you may have already guessed from the points mentioned above. By saying a compromised underlay, we mean the section of the roof that plays the role of passing water down the gutters. This, of course, is the job of the underlay, but it sometimes doesn’t function as it should.

Over time, the effect of rain and wind takes a toll on the underlay through rotting. Keep in mind that tile or slate damage, regardless of how slight it might be, can pave way for the passage of rainwater through the underlay and thus, causing leakage.


Perhaps one of the most common causes of a leaking roof is compromised junctions.

When the flashing at the roof’s junctions is damaged or improperly installed, it means that the region it terminally exposed and once it rains, the water can cause it to collapse, which may result in a significant roof leak.

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