The Best Gutter Protection For Your Gutters

Mesh Covers

Mesh gutter covers offer a low-profile design and practical protection. Their holes are too small for debris but large enough for water. The one downside is that they can become damaged, which makes them useless. However, mesh does offer a lot of protection with easy installations.

Locking Guards

Locking gutter guards work similarly to mesh covers with small drainage holes. They keep out leaves and pine needles and also install with ease. They can be sold at higher prices because of the plastic used. Plus, you still need to clean your gutters, meaning you’ll have to remove them first.

Reverse Curve

Reverse curve gutter guards rely on a curled sloping top. Water drops naturally drain into the gutter while debris bounces off. Unlike other products, these don’t allow obstructions to form within the drainage tracks.

Whatever gutter protection products are right for you, call Southern Star Roofing for installations.

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