Some Of The Common Roofing Services FAQs

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Some Of The Common Roofing Services FAQsQ1. When should I consider a roof replacement from roofing services?

It depends on several things. However, what matters is what you have over your head is structurally safe and serving its purpose. We, however, do recommend that you have your home’s roof inspected by roofing services once or twice a year to ensure all is well and whether it is time for a replacement.

Some of the telltale signs that suggest a roof replacement is what you need include:

• Aging, where the roof is 20 to 30 years old.

• If shingles are warped, cracked, chipping with granules found in the gutters.

• Missing shingles.

• Evidence of dry rot and mold may also signify the roof is old and should be replaced.

Keep in mind that none of these signs are a solid reason for needing a roof replacement. They may even happen on a recently installed roofing. You need a qualified roofer to assess and determine the best solution to your problem.

Q2. My roofing problem seems minor. Can’t I repair it?

We highly advise against such a thing because of two main reasons:

I). The issue at hand may appear small on face value but could be a major structural problem that needs more experienced handling.

II). Performing roof inspections does have its fair share of serious safety concerns and required a trained eye and knowledgeable implementation.

As such, we at Southern Star Roofing will be more than glad to dispatch our team of roofing experts to inspect your roof and ensure that it is structural sane and meet the industry’s safety standards.

Q3. What is the cost of doing repairs and a roof replacement?

Different factors influence the costs of doing a replacement or the repairs; these include:

• The type and severity of damage and the repairs or replacement need.

• The roofing material used; some are expensive, and some are considerably cheap.

• Your home’s location and its environmental challenges.

Q4. Should I be overly concerned when my roof starts to leak?

The problem at hand could signify one of two things:

I). The leak is at its early stages that has been discovered early enough before it spreads and causes extensive damage.

II). Conversely, it could be a late manifestation of an issue that is a symptom of a bigger structural problem.

In either case, you may not need to replace your roof. The roofing Inspector you hire will pinpoint the genesis of the problem and suggest lasting solutions. You also may be furnished with some tips on what to do to avoid or mitigate any similar problem in the future.

Southern Star Roofing can help with your next home project. Call us to get a quote or more information.

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