Solar Tubes Vs. Skylights: Which Is The Right Choice?


Solar Tubes Vs. Skylights Which Is The Right Choice?

Let’s take a moment and evaluate the differences in indoor lighting. There are some different options in skylights and solar tubes. These include that some are more prudent than others. Let’s examine the differences so that you can find the best fit for your needs in business and what is more roof-friendly to illuminate your workspace.


Solar tube lights and skylights have the same job. This job is to lighten and open up a workspace. Solar tubes are installed on a rooftop while the skylights are cut into the roof and installed as a part of the roof by roofing professionals. Solar tubes will collect the benefits of the sun which in turn, illuminate the bulbs. Skylights will also use natural sunlight to bring light into the area.


It’s important to understand that both utilize sunlight and mother nature. The tubes may actually provide more consistent lighting in the evening hours and during inclement weather. However, a skylight will allow a glimpse of what is going on outside regardless of the climate or the conditions. When considering performance, tube lighting is a far more viable option for many consumers.


Both skylights and solar tubes are easy to use. Installations should be done by professionals however, there are some kits out there for DIY tube lighting that home improvement stores do offer. If you want a long-term guarantee, however, you’ll want to consider installation by professionals.


It’s important to note that skylights are typically a bit more pricey than that of tube lighting. Keep in mind, however, that the long-term investment should be toward what works best for your needs. Will it increase the value and the curb appeal of your home? Tube lighting is prudent as an investment, however, the cost isn’t as easy to improve property value per real estate agents.


Remember too that you’ll want to make sure that your decision is compatible with your city codes. A Charlotte roofing contractor can help you with this. Call us now!

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