Skylights – The Highs and the Lows

skylights, all you want to know

There’s a certain aesthetic appeal in light pouring through the ceiling of your home. It adds freshness to the entire atmosphere and it adds to the overall appeal of the house. But not everything about skylights needs praise. If you were considering getting a skylight installed, here are some things you should keep in mind before you take that road.

The Highs

There’s no doubt that skylights make your home look and appear fresher and brighter in no time. Since these roofing element let in an ample amount of sun through, the rooms under the skylight are well lit and brightened. They make for excellent places to have a professional photoshoot done!

That’s not all though. The sunlight also raises the temperature of the home below which works terrific in cold climates.

Skylights also make the room look more spacious because of the natural light. They can easily light up dark rooms in no time.

You also won’t need to invest in curtains, blinds or other window elements with skylights because everything is already installed beforehand.

The Lows

Although skylights come with some obvious benefits, there are some obvious drawbacks of this roofing element as well. Since sunlight is allowed to pour through the skylight, these skylights might actually make living in your home uncomfortable because of the raised temperatures. Skylights aren’t the best option when you live in a very hot climate.

Another shortcoming of skylights is the fact that since you can’t put in blinds or curtains, there’s absolutely no way to control the amount of light that’s coming inside. This makes you pretty helpless and you could see your utility bills rise because of the high temperatures.

Lastly, skylights are an expensive project so consider getting them installed only if you have the budget for and if you’re okay with the drawbacks they come with.

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