Skylights for a Metal Roof- Is it a Good Idea?

Many homeowners in Charlotte, NC, struggle with dim rooms and shadowy corners. While you could install skylights, if you have a metal roof, they don’t always work out. Here is what Southern Star Roofing recommends for your home. Contact us to take on any roofing job you need done.

Can You Install Skylights With a Metal Roof?

While you can install skylights with a metal roof, it can be quite challenging. You will notice the difference in the noise they can make. When rain and hail hit the glass, it can become deafening. Plus, your insulation options are limited, making it a consideration.

Energy Loss

When skylights are installed after the roof, you can also create energy loss. Not only does air escape through the glass, but also between layers. If it isn’t sealed properly, you could waste a lot of power. It’s easier to install skylights before the roof is finished.

Who Can Install a Skylight for Metal Roofs?

Our experienced contractors can take on every job you have. As Charlotte’s expert roofers, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

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